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Best Pyramid Patio Heater

Best Pyramid Patio Heater


Are you looking for the most effective pyramid-shaped patio heater within the USA?
You're in the right spot!


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Best Pyramid Patio Heater USA 2022

Lifestyle Appliances Orchid Green Patio Heater





Its Orchid Green Patio Heating Unit is the lightest sizes of our selection. This steel heater painted in green offers the same efficiency as other heaters available in our collection and offers an exceptional value for the money. This heater is perfect to be incorporated into garden spaces.

  • Optional cover available
  • Assembly is required
  • Pipe and Propane Regulator Clip-on with



FUEL TYPE: Propane Gas
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Diameter: 86 cms | Height: 220 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS 1/2: Width: 84 cms | Depth: 11 cms | Height: 84 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS 2/2: Width: 39 cms | Depth: 44 cms | Height: 89 cms
WEIGHT: 22 kg


Lifestyle Appliances Black Tahiti Flame Patio Heater





The Black Flame is one of the top Pyramid Fireplace Heaters USA provides an entirely new idea to alfresco dining. Its central fire is enclosed by a quartz tube, which radiates warmth, creating a relaxing ambience, absorbing the chill of the summer evenings.

The cylinder's housing and the protective mesh are constructed from stainless steel with protector grills coated with powder. In the bottom is a strap that can be secured for the cylinder , and the feet are equipped with wheels to facilitate convenience of moving and storage.

  • Optional cover available
  • Assembly is required
  • The Propane Regulator and Hose are also included.



FUEL TYPE: Propane Gas
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Width: 53 cms | Depth: 53 cms | Height: 220 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 138cms | Depth: 19cms | Height: 77cms
WEIGHT: 30 kg

Lifestyle Appliances Santorini Patio Heater




The Santorini Flame Patio Heating is a unique , cylindrical heater that gives an amazing 360 degree visual effect.

The central flame is adjusted to raise into a spiral, then dances up to the top. This heater is made from steel is finished with a striking gun metal finish has an added benefit of being retractable for small storage.

There is no assembly needed all you need be able to connect is the fuel to our snap-on connector to take advantage of this product right off the shelf!.

This glass tube constructed out of Pyrex that is secured by a mesh-like case made of metal and the base comes with wheels to facilitate mobility and storage.

  • Optional cover available
  • Assembly is required
  • Propane and Hose Included



FUEL TYPE: Propane Gas
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: (extended) Diameter: 52.3 cms | Height: 176.3 cms
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: (compact) Diamter: 52.3 cms | Height: 126 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 57 cms | Depth: 56 cms | Height: 126 cms
WEIGHT: 26 kg




Lifestyle Appliances Tahiti LED Flame Patio Heater






Tahiti Flame LED Patio Heater Tahiti Flame LED Patio Heater is a fresh and innovative method of providing both warmth and illuminating ambient!

The lighting that changes colour is controlled via the remote powered by batteries, which offers a variety of colour and intensity choices.

The flame's center is protected by the quartz glass tube that is further protected by a stainless-steel mesh protector, which is powder coated grills for protection.

The housing for the cylinder is made of perspex , which is also accompanied by an internal strap to ensure security. The base is also equipped with wheels to make it easier to move and storage.


Key Features:

  • Optional cover available
  • Assembly is required
  • Propane Regulator and Hose included


FUEL TYPE: Propane Gas
OVERALL DIMENSIONS:Width: 53 cms | Depth: 53 cms | Height: 220 cms
BOX DIMENSIONS: Width: 138cms | Depth: 19cms | Height: 77cms
WEIGHT: 26kg


Gas Payramid Patio Heater USA


Gasdepot Real Flame Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater (13KW)






  • It can be used throughout the year to keep warm during the winter months, or for ambient gas
    Flares for summer
  • It can accommodate up to 13kg of gas bottles which means less frequent use of gas bottle
    Changes are needed
  • It will light up in any weather condition without any hassles or risks of firing it.
    Up with lighters or matches
  • It radiates warmth throughout the form of a circle
  • It runs on the standard size 27mm Propane Cylinders - Calor Patio Gas /BP Gas Light/Flogas
    Leisure (Hose and Regulator Included)




    Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater




    • This Lazy Style Outdoor Flame Heater is a brand new idea to dining outdoors that creates impact through an open flame that creates an inviting ambience, and 13kw of heat helps keep the chill off in the colder evenings.
    • This heater can enhance any terrace or patio setting as it allows guests and customers to relax outdoors all day long into the night, which is perfect.
    • All-year-round use for warmth during colder months, or as an atmosphere gas flare in the summer. Creates a warm, atmospheric atmosphere for any outdoor space, such as a garden or patio.
    • The heater comes with USA regulator, gas bottle and connector. Built with premium, high-quality stainless steel, and coated with powdered aluminum the outdoor heater is completely waterproof and weatherproof to a degree It is able to stand up to harsh sunlight and rust-promoting salt and water, extremely cold temperatures and much more.. Easy Set up.
    • It can accommodate up to 13kg of gas bottle. The pyramid-shaped outdoor heater operates on propane gas. It also has a stunning open flame, safely housed inside the glass tube of quartz. The column-like design and the pagoda-shaped reflector on top ensures maximum warmth and heat radiate out and extend across a 10-foot radius.


    Outsunny 12KW Patio Heater








    • Unique Design Unique design: Combining the rattan base with the metal frame creates a appear unique, and very suitable for outdoor and indoor use providing you with warmth.
    • Fuel Space The storage area that has a large space at the bottom is fitted with a door that can be completely opened, which makes it practical for replacing fuel.
    • Effective heating: The heat can be controlled using knobs according to the need while the top reflector lets the heat to be concentrated in the most efficient areas.
    • High-Quality Material: The precise match of different accessories improves combustion efficiency and stainless steels with powder coating makes the product strong and durable.
    • Dimensions: Overall Dimension: Ph81 x 221H cm Power: 12 KW


    Considerations Before Buying


    The prices for pyramid patio heaters USA begin at about PS200. These are not your typical heaters, but for a high pyramid heater of good quality it is recommended to pay between PS300to 550.

    The heaters are built according to a stricter standard and are 2.1m up to 2.3m in height and are referred to as "full-size pyramid heaters".

    We provide FREE shipping on all of our patio heaters , which are available here.


    Most gas patio heaters are equipped with an propane regulator as it is the most well-known type of LPG used for outdoor uses.

    It is safe for home use, and the directions should be followed to use your outdoor heater.

    Pyramid Patio Heater Frequently Asked Questions

    What is what is a Pyramid Patio heater?

    Pyramid patio heaters are a kind of heater for the garden that can be utilized in your garden or in your patio.

    Many people make use of these to add warmth to their lounge or dining area , and to create a warm environment for them and their guests.

    A pyramid-shaped patio heater basically similar to a regular designed gas patio heater but it has a pyramidal or protruding cone. The shape is more expansive in the lower part of the structure and then gradually turning into a central point toward top of the heater and hence the name pyramid.

    These kinds of heaters are becoming very popular in the past few years and have also become affordable for homeowners to have one.

    A few of the heaters are made in the USA however the majority come from Asia.

    The products are of the highest standard and in line with the requirements for health and safety for use in homes within the United States.

    The heaters are generally made of stainless steel and are able to withstand heat cold, due to the fact that the weather in USA is prone to be extremely cold.

    What kind of fuel should I use for my outdoor heater?

    The pyramid heaters are typically powered on LPG, Butane or propane and usually include an adjustable regulator or hose to connect the propane bottle to the outdoor heater.

    The use of these kinds of gas has been gaining popularity in the USA thanks to the pyramid heaters. They are easily accessible in most cities and towns.

    A lot of gas companies actually will provide the gas bottle directly to your residence which is incredibly efficient.

    How how warm will my heater for my patio be?

    We have researched many of patio heaters in the marketplace, we've discovered that the top pyramid patio heater in the USA can generate 13 kW of warmth.

    The area of heat created is enough to cover an area of 10-15 sqm. Tabletop pyramids can provide the possibility of up to 5 square meters of radiant heat.

    If the patio heater you have includes reflectors, it could help enhance the heat generated as reflectors help spread the heat more widely over the area.

    Are heating elements for patios are they safe?

    Yes heating elements for patios are safe and have been employed for years.

    Like any other appliance being used, they must be tested for health and safety and conform to a set guidelines before they can be utilized by the general public.

    It is important to remember that you must adhere to the directions of the manufacturer when you use the heater to prevent any injuries and to keep the heater in a safe place when it is not when not in use.


    Do Patio Heaters any good?

    Patio heaters are a fantastic method to keep warm on the patio during the colder evenings, during autum and winter. They can provide an affordable outdoor heating experience that your guests and you will enjoy.


    Which Patio heater should you purchase?

    The list above of outdoor heaters is an excellent place to start to look at and can help in making a choice. The heater for your patio that can provide the most efficient heat for your outdoor area and is constructed to a top quality and safety standards will be the most effective.

    There are a lot of pyramid patio heaters available for market in USA and you can select from the models we've reviewed today.


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