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Best Greenhouse Kits

An ever-increasing number of people are beginning to discover the pleasure of growing their own vegetables at home. 

A greenhouse can help you take your home gardening to the next level, and have fun gardening throughout the year.

In this Greenhouse roundup article, we’ll talk about the best greenhouse kits you can purchase for the coming year and what to look out for!

AMERLIFE 10x8x7.5 FT Polycarbonate Greenhouse


Create your dream garden oasis with this premium greenhouse!

As a dedicated gardener, I was thrilled to set up my AMERLIFE 10x8x7.5 FT Polycarbonate Greenhouse in my backyard. This walk-in greenhouse provides the perfect space for nurturing plants and vegetables while also offering ample storage capacity for garden tools and extra patio furniture.

The elegant design is crafted with a heavy-duty, rust-resistant aluminum frame (1.5mm) that supports inserted 6mm PC panels, making it ideal for handling various weather conditions – from strong winds up to 60 mph to snow loads of 18 psf.

One key feature that sets this greenhouse apart from others on the market is its built-in gutter system on both sides which allows easy attachment of a hose for collecting rainwater – an essential eco-friendly feature to help conserve water resources.

Moreover, the dual sliding doors and two window vents provide excellent ventilation by ensuring fresh air circulation during warm days or when working inside.

It’s no wonder why we picked this product as No. 1 on our list! Its professional-grade construction combined with UV resistance and impressive weather resistance make it an outstanding choice for anyone serious about gardening.

Setting up the AMERLIFE Greenhouse was surprisingly straightforward; together with two other friends, we managed to assemble it in just under five hours thanks to the comprehensive step-by-step instructions provided by the manufacturer.

And did I mention how aesthetically pleasing this matte black structure looks? Not only does this greenhouse serve multiple purposes like transforming into a sunroom enclosure but also adds charm and functionality to any outdoor garden space!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an efficient yet stylish solution to optimize your gardening experience while providing additional storage options – look no further than the AMERLIFE Polycarbonate Greenhouse!


  • Easy and efficient installation process with step-by-step instructions
  • Built – in gutter system for effective water drainage and collection
  • Two vents and double slide doors provide fresh air while keeping the interior cool
  • Professional-grade, rust-resistant aluminum frame with UV resistance and high wind/snow load capacity. Plus, it can be used as a storage shed or sunroom enclosure.


  • May not arrive in one single shipment due to being delivered in three separate boxes.
  • Requires at least 3 individuals with DIY knowledge to assemble within a time frame of 4 – 5 hours.
  • The premium features may come at a higher price point compared to other backyard greenhouse options.

VEIKOU Greenhouse for Outdoor Heavy Duty Polycarbonate


All-weather, heavy-duty greenhouse with adjustable windows.

The VEIKOU Greenhouse for Outdoor Heavy Duty Polycarbonate is an excellent choice for gardening enthusiasts looking to protect their plants from harsh weather conditions.

With its 8′ x 14′ size and sturdy aluminum frame, this greenhouse offers ample space for your plants to thrive all year round. The UV-resistant polycarbonate panels provide excellent thermal insulation and impact resistance, ensuring a safe environment for your greenery.

What sets the VEIKOU Greenhouse apart from competitors is its customizable window positions, which allow you to create the ideal growth environment for your plants.

Additionally, the double swing-out lockable doors make it convenient to access while keeping unwanted critters out of the greenhouse. Its unique rain gutter system collects and drains rainwater efficiently on both sides of the structure, further optimizing growing conditions.

It’s no surprise that we picked this product as our No. 2 choice due to its exceptional design and practical features.

Experience hassle-free gardening with the VEIKOU Greenhouse Heavy Duty Polycarbonate garden kit—the perfect solution for nurturing your plants throughout winter or creating a thriving backyard oasis!


  • Provides protection for plants from frost, rain, overheating and pets
  • Sturdy frame made of premium corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant powder-coated thickened aluminum in grey finish
  • Two windows with 4 – position manual adjustable poles for better ventilation
  • Double swing – out lockable door design makes it more convenient to access the greenhouse for daily use


  • May require significant assembly time and effort
  • Not ideal for very large or commercial – scale plant growth
  • More expensive than some other types of outdoor greenhouses


Hybrid 6′ x 10′ Greenhouse – Gray

hybrid greenhouse


The Palram Nature Hybrid Series 6′ x 10′ Greenhouse is an ingenious balance of two advanced polycarbonate panels for the optimum environment.

The crystal clear side panels offer over 90% transmission for growth, while the 4mm twinwall roof blocks up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays to prevent plant burn.

Add to that a ton of features, and the Nature Hybrid greenhouse is perfect for any growing enthusiast.

The integrated rain gutters and down spout disperse rain water to the ends, making it ideal for water conscious gardeners to collect. A roof vent and door with magnetic catch keep air flowing, helping you control the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse.

When it comes to set-up, this house is designed as a do-it-yourself project without the need for special tools, so you’ll be ready to start growing in no time.

A smart panel slide and lock system connects the frame precisely and quickly into place and polycarbonate panels slide easily into profile channels.

The gray powder-coated aluminum frame is durable, maintenance free, and rust resistant allowing you to focus on growing instead of maintaining your greenhouse.

Palram also offers a complete line of accessories designed to make your Nature Hybrid greenhouse more productive, space saving, and protective against the elements.

Canopia By Palram Hybrid 6×8 Green Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Hybrid greenhouse 6x8 green color

There is likewise a legitimate opening entryway with lock and the slide in coating framework where you won’t need fiddly coating cuts. The slide in coating framework likewise causes with wind protection from help quit coating jumping out in breezy conditions.

This Palram Hybrid 6×8 has a solitary opening rooftop vent for ventilation, an outward opening entryway, aluminum base and essential drains.


  • 1.85m (6ft) Wide Aluminium Greenhouse – Popular and Practical Size
  • Green Powder Coated Aluminum Frame – Rust resistant frame
  • Built in gutters – For rainwater collection
  • Aluminium Base Plinth – For stability and Strength
  • Hinged outward opening door – Easy access
  • Lockable Door Handle – Secures door in place for good wind resistance.
  • Roof panels in Twin Wall Polycarbonate Glazing – For added insulation
  • Side panels in Crystal Clear Polycarbonate Glazing – Virtually unbreakable clear panels
  • Sliding Panel Assembly System – No glazing clips. Glazing sits inside the frame
  • 1 Opening Roof Vent – For Ventilation.
  • 5 Year Warranty – Covers Rust and Discolouration

Palram Grand Gardener 8′ x 20′ Greenhouse – Clear


The Grand Gardener® 8×20 Clear features 2 kinds of virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels to give you the best of both worlds.

Crystal-clear polycarbonate side walls allow clear views while being ultra-safe. While the twin-wall roof panels diffuse over 70% of sunlight for a soft, even light.

The robust, UV protected resin frame of the Grand Gardener also features simplified assembly with the pin and lock system.

The heavy duty extruded resin frame with its additional aluminium roof profiles improves both insulation and durability.

The roof’s design provides ample headroom and gives you more space to garden. Double doors allow easy access and provide excellent ventilation.

Included roof vent provides a heat vent even when the doors are closed. No-tool assembly makes the Rion Grand Gardener perfect for the growing enthusiast’s needs.


  • Virtually unbreakable 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof offers 100% UV protection
  • Clear-as-glass polycarbonate safety wall panels, no glass to shatter or break
  • Thick resin frame improves insulation and durablity
  • Barn shaped for higher headroom, elegant and functional too
  • Roof vent included for efficient ventilation
  • 7 Year Defects & workmanship warranty from Palram

Palram Rion Hobby Gardener 8 x 12 ft Greenhouse

Palram Rion Hobby Gardener 8 x 12 ft Greenhouse

Reinforced and built from robust PVC resin, the Rion Hobby Gardener 8 x 12ft Greenhouse is a substantial garden building that offers fabulous growing conditions for all your plants.

Although the greenhouse’s barn style will enhance any outside space, it shouldn’t disguise the fact that this is a very practical greenhouse that’s spacious with impressive headroom and full of light.

Assembly is straightforward due to Palram’s innovative pin and lock system, and the structure’s strength and stability will be increased by a reinforcement cable, optional anchoring kit and base that provides a solid foundation

Twin wall polycarbonate panels block damaging UV rays and do not discolour. They are very tough and offer excellent insulation when compared to traditional glazing especially as they are rubber sealed.

All important temperature and humidity can be controlled by the roof vent, this can be fitted with an auto vent opener if you don’t want to, or can’t, open it manually. Among the accessories there is also a louvre window which will add to the circulation of air.

For seed trays and potted plants, a work bench and shelves will be invaluable, and a shading kit will come in handy so that your greenhouse doesn’t overheat. Other options include an irrigation kit if you have to leave your plants for any amount of time and a trellising kit if your grow vines and tall plants.


  • Premium Greenhouse With Excellent Heat Retention
  • Barn Shape Design
  • Provides Large Headroom For Work Comfort
  • Green Resin PVC Frame
  • Virtually Unbreakable Twin-Wall Glazing
  • Complete UV Blockage & 100% UV Protected
  • Maintains Integrity
  • Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Twin Wall Polycarbonate Panels
  • Roof Vent Provides Air Flow
  • Reinforcement Cable Improves Structural Stability
  • Rubber Sealing Strips For Better Insulation
  • Smart Pin & Lock Connectors
  • 7 Year Palram Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Wind Resistance: 90km/hr | 56ml/hr
  • Snow Load: 75kg/m² | 15.4lbs/ft²

Palram Glory 8 x 16 ft Premium Greenhouse in Grey

The 8‘ wide by 16’ Glory Greenhouse is a truly wonderful and premium greenhouse.

Palram’s greenhouses are known for their superb quality of build and are perfect for gardeners, beginner and experienced alike!

They are easy to assemble and install!

Made from Aluminium and polycarbonate glazing panels that are lightweight and allow for ease of movement and construction.

Whilst lightweight, they are extremely long lasting greenhouses that are designed with durability in mind. They are finished in a rust-free protection for further longevity.

The twin walled 10mm thick polycarbonate glazing panels are classed by Palram as ‘virtually unbreakable’ and this is a testament to the quality of build the Palram go to in order to provide you with a world class product!

Polycarbonate is extremely well known to be shatter proof and its also safe than its alternative, glass. If you have extreme sun, it can also help to repel the UV rays yet still alow the natural daylight and important warmth that your greenhouse will require.


  • 10mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panels – Virtually Unbreakable
  • 100% UV Protected and Light Diffusing
  • Creates a Pleasant Atmosphere and Insulated Environment for Plants
  • Rust Resistant Aluminium Frame
  • Galvanised Steel Base Framing Kit
  • Lockable Door with Premium Handle
  • Three Roof Vents with Automatic Opener Accessory
  • One Manual Side Louver Vent to Aid Ventilation
  • Built-in and Compact Guttering System
  • Simple Assembly with Palram’s Smart Slide-In System
  • Integrated Ground Anchoring System for Added Support
  • 10 Year Palram Limited Manufacturer Warranty


  • Total Width: 244.5cm (96¼ins)
  • Total Depth: 483.5cm (190½ins)
  • Total Height: 268.5cm (105¾ins)
  • Inside Headroom Max: 262cm (103ins)

Snap & Grow 8 ft x16 ft Greenhouse – Silver

The Snap and Grow 8 ft x 16 ft greenhouse is the perfect all year round greenhouse to grow all you favorite vegetables, flowers and fresh herbs!

It features plenty of headroom and inside space to manovere around.

Palram’s virtually unbreakable, crystal- clear polycarbonate panels which are 100% UV protected are perfect to protect you from the elements and also assist with your plants grow.

These panels are super rigid and durable and what palram have become famous for, these greenhouses are built to last!

Access to the greenhouse is easy through a wide double door and the roof vent allows you to regulate temperatures, humidity and airflow.

Double doors and roof vent come pre-assembled adding to the ease of on-site installation.

The Snap and Grow 8 ft x 16 ft greenhouse is a greenhouse you will enjoy for years to come!

  • Crystal-clear polycarbonate panels provide over 90% light transmission yet blocks harmful UV rays
  • Nonyellowing panels are 100% UV protected
  • Low maintenance, durable rust and corrosion resistant aluminum frame for long-lasting durability
  • Double doors and roof vent provide air circulation for the perfect growing environment
  • Easy assembly – SmartLock connectors, sliding panel’s assembly system, double door and vent window are pre-assembled out of the box, ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles, pre-cut panels, and all hardware included
  • Additional Palram accessories can be added to create the greenhouse of your dreams; the unique framing system allows you to place shelves anywhere inside your greenhouse
  • Strong, heavy gauge, rust and corrosion resistant aluminum frame for long-lasting durability

What things should you consider when buying a greenhouse kit?


There are plenty of brands out there and greenhouse manufacturers too! We have focused on Palram Canopia Greenhouses here today as they are top of the line greenhouses, manufactured here in the USA and have very good feedback from customers who use them!


A polycarbonate or plastic greenhouse is the most commonly used option. They are greenhouses made of plastic can be easily installed and are budget-friendly. If you’d like to have more lavish appearance and are prepared to pay some more the glass greenhouse kit could be the perfect investment to lighten your garden. 


Greenhouse kits are available in a variety of sizes. They begin at as little as 4’x4′ all the way to 8’x24′. The most commonly used size for hobby purposes is 6’x8′. If you’re searching for your first greenhouse, then this may be a good place to start! Check out our guide to sizes of greenhouses to determine the ideal size for your needs.


A mini greenhouse can be purchased for less than $100. A semi-professional model could be as high as $10.000! In this instance, size is important. Glass greenhouses tend to be more costly than polycarbonate or plastic greenhouses. 


The Lean-to greenhouse kits are installed on one of the exterior walls of your home. This is the perfect option if you live in a small area or you want to make use of the power and water within your home to be able to gain access to the greenhouse. Look over our article on lean-to to discover the potential for this type of greenhouse.

Customer Evaluations

It’s important when looking to buy a greenhouse kit that you do your due diligence! If you look up Palram Greenhouses, you’ll find plenty of positive evaluations about them.

Palram has also been in the business of manufacturing greenhouse kits for years, they have been around through the tough times and the good and continue to produce high quality greenhouse kits that will last for many years to come!

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