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Garage Business from Scratch – Essential Details to Consider


Are you a tech magician who knows everything about cars and how to make them run even in the most hopeless cases? Are you eager to start your own business, being an independent car mechanic? Then, our guide is for you.

Running a garage is a serious occupation and should be started if you know the car’s functioning well. After all, the quality of the repairs will make the basis of the car’s safety, and the mistakes are too expensive.

How to Start Your Garage Business?

As the idea of starting a garage business is pretty generalized, let’s break it down into more specific steps.

What Type Of Garage To Start?

There are a few options to consider:

  • Service пarage

Car servicing is a regular inspection of a car’s condition, which involves control over all the parts and fluids, with their replacement if necessary. Car servicing is a preventional type of service to reveal weaknesses before they lead to problems.

The types of service are – interim (every 6 months, or 6000 miles), or full service (12 months, 12000 miles).

Car service ensures the safety of the car and its smooth run.

  • Body shops

Body shops are more specialized in car repairs – body parts replacement, paintwork restoration, panel reshaping, etc. Usually, body shops deal with cars involved in accidents or those that suffered damage.

Body shop workers help to return the car to the road and mend every possible damage to the car.


As this type of garage entails more specialized work with the car, it is important to have enough details for replacement. They can be found at junkyards, which are the treasure trove of spare parts – flood cars for sale, damaged cars, old and rare vehicles. While they make no value to owners anymore, the garage owner can benefit from a variety of spare parts for their work at a low price.

  • Mot station

Mot station is a provider of an annual vehicle inspection to ensure that it meets required standards for safety and environmental impact.

  • Car restoration

Ca restoration is about giving life to old cars, making them as good-looking and running as the new ones.

Since it requires an unlimited source of details, it is also worth becoming a regular junkyard client.

Define The Location

The garage location should be easily accessible and relatively close to potential clients. Consider the infrastructure around, as the neighboring business should complement your service.

Another important detail is the demographics and average income in the area. Low-income areas will definitely appreciate the car repairs, yet high-income zones can bring profit for MOTs and services.

Invest In Equipment

Tools and equipment will make the biggest part of the initial investments. If you are on a low budget at the beginning, consider renting the required tool while making enough money to purchase your set of instruments.

Acquire Relevant Certifications

Customers value the proof of your skills. Get relevant certifications and qualifications by attending specialized training programmes. When you have proof of your skillfulness, it increases the credibility of your business for your first-time customers.


Some garage owners neglect the necessity of certificates and rely mainly on their experience, and word-of-mouth. Yet, it will not help to grow the network of customers.

Get The License

The car garage performance is illegal without relevant certificates and licenses. They depend on the type of cars you are going to work with and the services you will provide. Among the most common ones:

–           Motor Vehicle Repair Business License

–           MOT testing authorization

–           Motor salvage operator registration

–           Permits by Environmental agencies and local authorities

–           Public surveillance license

–           Premise license

–           Outside advertisement license

–           Background music license

–           Employer’s Liability insurance

–           Motor Trade Insurance

The full list of requirements can be found on local authorities’ specialized websites.

Develop A Marketing Strategy

If you only want to develop a business within a small town, the marketing will happen naturally through word-of-mouth and lack of choice. Yet, if you target big cities, invest more in the marketing strategy:

–   Create a professional website showcasing all the relevant certificates, licenses, and works.

–   Implement SEO techniques to make your websites visible and attract a wider target audience.

–   Make use of social media marketing, as a lot of modern customers rely on ads on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

–   Make partnerships with local businesses, offering discounts or bargains for the clients.

A well-outlined and performed marketing strategy will allow your business to expand the territories, attracting more clients, and thus, stimulating better profit.

When looking at all the requirements, the idea of starting a car garage seems to be ill-advised and rather discouraging.

Yet, once you overcome the initial hurdles, you will become the business owner with all the power in your hands.

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Last modified: July 10, 2024