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9 Garden Decor Ideas On a Budget


Has your garden decor been looking a little… dull, lately?

Have you been staring at the same old features day in and day out?

This may not be the best scenario for your garden, but it offers you so much potential and room for creativity. Even if your garden is not what you want it to be, you can make it fab without sending your budget into a tailspin.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re just dipping your toes into outdoor decor – we’ve got you covered.

Are you ready to keep your piggy bank happy and creatively use every inch of your garden?

Let’s dive in.

9 Ideal Budget-Friendly Garden Decor Ideas

As you can see from our very descriptive title, we’ve compiled 9 wallet-friendly garden decor ideas that’ll make your space the envy of the neighborhood.

Here’s what you can add to enliven your garden while still holding the reins on your budget:

Dramatic Paint

Don’t limit your focal points to your interior. Bring them out into the open and give your guests something to look at.

A lick of paint on your old fence or a complete repainting of your tool shed can make your garden almost unrecognizable. But to do this, don’t go with the same old neutrals. Instead, choose colors that give you depth like red, black, green, etc.

You can choose lighter colors like yellow or orange too. The important thing is for it to stand out in your garden and draw attention.

Box Hedges

A classic, right?

Box hedges are a timeless addition to any garden. These types of greenery create borders, define spaces, and provide privacy.

And if you’re way too busy to justify spending money on a hedge you won’t have time to maintain, look into artificial hedges of varying heights. Your foray into greenery doesn’t have to be daunting; you can strike a chord from the start by getting faux foliage that doesn’t need any upkeep.

An Outdoor Rug

It’s 2024 – we’re not keeping our rugs inside anymore!

A weather-resistant outdoor rug is the best way to add warmth and coziness to your patio and garden. Depending on your aesthetic and design, choose a rug with colors and patterns that tie your outdoor furniture together or separate different zones.

Before buying, ensure the rug is durable, weatherproof, and made from quality long-lasting materials like jute and sisal.

Bird Feeders

Scientific research suggests that listening to birdsong is linked to better mental health and reduced feelings of depression and anxiety.


Luckily, you can take hold of this benefit by installing bird feeders, bird baths, or birdhouses in your garden. This doesn’t have to be too fancy, but it should attract more birds to your outdoor space. If you’re not looking to buy, then empty and rinse a can, paint it, and fill it up with birdseed yourself.

Soon enough, your garden will be alive with the sound of birdsong.

Hanging Storage

If you have a small garden and can’t justify installing elaborate shelving to store your decorations or tools, source some clever wall garden ideas.

You can take advantage of every square inch with hanging storage. Hang baskets or floating shelves, or upcycle and reuse various items as storage. For example, repurpose your old shoe rack and hang it on a hook on your wall. You can then use this for tools, footwear, trinkets, or simple decorations.

A Fire Pit

If you have the space and the energy for it, create a nice gathering spot in your garden with a fire pit you can buy or DIY for less than $100.

Fire pits are perfect for cool evenings in early or late summer and are the ideal spot for roasting marshmallows or relaxing. Fire pits can also be multifunctional, as you can convert them into cooking or grill stations for outdoor dining events. Throw in a few comfortable cushions around and you’ve got yourself a fantastic area for hosting.

Different Lighting

Don’t be too satisfied with your boring old overhead patio light. Your garden deserves more than that. But, it doesn’t mean you should throw all your money away on lighting, either.

So, we recommend illuminating your garden with different types of lighting. For example, use string lights, lanterns, stake lights, and sconces for a decorative touch to your garden. Many of these options are inexpensive and perfect for nestling among your plants or in your window boxes.

With a few different (dimmed) sources of light, you’ll get an atmosphere fit for a romantic movie.

Hanging Plants

There can never be too much greenery in a garden. Supplement your hedges with hanging plants and draw your guests’ attention upwards to break up any lingering monotony.

We suggest artificial hanging plants that mimic the appearance of native plants but don’t need any watering, trimming, or pruning. For a more inviting environment, opt for trailing plants like ivy or ferns, or add some faux stems for more variety.

And if you don’t want to use baskets, you can get a unique metal wall planter.

A Picnic Table

Last but not least, make some room for the dining area.

Even if the primary use of your garden isn’t outdoor dining, a picnic table offers a relaxed setting for reading, hanging out with friends, working, or basking in the sun.


And if you are interested in al fresco dining, a picnic table will allow you to enjoy your meals surrounded by the beauty of the garden you’ve worked so hard for.

Whatever you do with it, a picnic table is a versatile centerpiece you shouldn’t miss out on.


As a wrap-up on our 9 budget-friendly garden decor ideas, we hope you’ve found inspiration and practical tips for revamping your outdoor space into a vibrant area.

So, roll up your sleeves, get creative, and have fun sprucing up your garden decor without stretching the budget.

A beautiful garden doesn’t have to cost a fortune – just a little imagination and ingenuity.

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Last modified: April 21, 2024