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Can you move a greenhouse?

can you move a greenhouse

It is possible that you have bought a greenhouse , and then erected it only to discover that you put it in the wrong spot to receive sunlight in the garden!

Do not worry it is possible to move your greenhouse. It may not be as simple since you will have to take down the greenhouse you just built, but it’s definitely doable.

Can you move an entire greenhouse? Answered!

It’s completely possible to move greenhouses yes however, what else could you be thinking? !

The first step is to determine where you’d like to place the greenhouse.

If you think that the present position isn’t right such as because of shade or direct wind , then firstly, you need to decide what you want to relocate it.

Ideally, a greenhouse should be placed in a comprehensible area and in direct sunlight. The plants and vegetables will not grow without sunlight.

It is worth taking the time to look at how the sun moves across your garden , and at what times of the day.

Which part of your garden receives the most sunlight and the longest amount of time This is the ideal location you’ll want to relocate your greenhouse.

What is the best way to take down an entire greenhouse?

The majority of greenhouses are made out of wood or aluminium as well as plastic frame.

They are generally simple to build and to dismantle.

Most likely, you’ll still have the instruction manual for assembly form with you when you bought the greenhouse, but if you don’t then you should contact the manufacturer to provide an instruction guide or most likely, you’ll locate an instructional video on YouTube which can be helpful.

How long is it to put together an outdoor greenhouse?

If you’ve recently removed the greenhouse, you’ll need to allocate the same amount of time that you have spent to take it down.

The majority of greenhouses are DIY accessible and can be constructed by just one or two people.

If you have a big greenhouse that has a lot of components attached to it, it’s going to take more time than a smaller greenhouse which contains fewer pieces to put together and fix.

Greenhouses typically take less than a day to put together and this is contingent on the size of the greenhouse and the number of people are available to help with the assembly.

Which is the best place for the greenhouse?

Ideally , you would like your greenhouse facing south or south easterly direction to the UK.

This is the ideal way to maximize sunlight to ensure that flowers and plants receive enough light to thrive.

It is possible that you are not in a position to put your greenhouse facing this direction so the next best choice is to place it towards the east direction.

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Last modified: August 18, 2023