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Decorating Your Garden For Christmas


We’re approaching that time of the year again, and if you think it’s too soon to think about Christmas decorations, you better check your list twice. Is it really Christmas if there’s no sleigh and reindeer at your doorstep? Of course, but it surely looks less Christmassy without them.

If you wait too long to buy your gear, you may face crowded shops and considerably inflated prices. Also, you can be creative, adding new elements to your decoration. Come with us and learn more.

Waiting for Santa

Christmas decor is an embedded tradition in our culture with a market of its own. Back in 2021, this market crossed the USD 5.5 billion mark and should grow steadily until 2030, at least. The demand for season-themed decorations spikes as we get closer to the date. So, if you want to save money, the best thing to do is to plan your Christmas in advance.

It’s not the best time of the year to stay outdoors, but that doesn’t mean your garden can’t look awesome. Here’s how to greet the season (and bypassers) with taste and style.

Outdoor Trees

A Christmas tree is, of course, a mandatory part of your decoration. It’s been a tradition since the 16th century, after all. Maybe, you already have one (or more) in your front garden. In this case, you only have to cover them with your favorite lights and ornaments. However, if you’re buying a new tree, there are a few things to consider.

Would you like to buy a reusable one or a real one? Can your choice withstand the elements during the coldest parts of the season? Where would you like to place it? Artificial outdoor blossom trees are quite popular, as they don’t require watering. If you’d like something more “real,” fern and spruce trees are among the most common choices. If you run out of ideas for decorations to place on your tree, check out the internet for more ideas to feed your imagination.

Seasonal Plants to Spruce Up Your House

You can use plenty of seasonal greenery options. Holly is arguably the most symbolic, with its red berries framed by quite resistant evergreen shrubs. They look awesome anywhere: vases, swags, wreaths- you name it.


Make your decoration colorful and delicate with flowers like Hellebore and Clematis Jingle Bells. The first option is a white and pastel pink rose, while the other has a striking white color. Both options last through the winter, but the Clematis Jingle Bells can grow above 16 feet. So, if you want to keep it the same size, it’ll require some maintenance.

Mind Your Door

Greet your visitors with a well-decked door. Frame it with sting garlands, wreaths, and figurines so that they’ll feel the Christmas spirit right at your doorstep.

Interior wreaths were all the craze in 2022, according to data from TikTok views and Google searches, and while fashions come and go, wreaths seem to be a constant during this season. Consider placing a basket with presents and Christmas tree miniatures to make it more welcoming.

Light It Up

The best part about the darkest season is that we can fill it up with lights! You can use strings of lights to frame your house and roof and even add details that make it look like snow falling and icicles. You don’t need to stop there, though; you can add lights to plants and trunks in your garden to make it look like a mystical fairytale.


Adding light ornaments can be tricky, though. Don’t let the strings entangle, as it can damage the entire set. Also, mind your energy bill: set a timer for turning them off while everybody is sleeping.


Fight back the freezing weather with fire pits in your garden. If the elements allow it, you can even throw a barbecue with them. If not, they still add a cozy and nice touch to your decor. Steel and round clay fire pits, along with large steel chimineas, are some of the most popular options. The best part is that you can also use those pits and chimneys during summertime to host barbecues.

Be Creative

Let bypassers and neighbors know you love Christmas and make them smile on their way home. Let your imagination run free with light-up silhouettes of reindeer, dinosaurs, Santa-like Yodas, stylized gonks, and whatever else might cross your mind. Consider adding inflatables to your decoration, and don’t forget to light them up, of course.

Ready to Host

You know what they say: the best part of the party is getting ready for it. You can be as creative as you want while getting your decorations set up or go for more traditional options. Either way, you can surely have a lot of fun while decorating your home for the festive season.

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Last modified: August 21, 2023