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Horizontal Fence Ideas

If you are looking for horizontal fence ideas the you are in the right place!

We “absolutely” love Horizontal fences as they can be arranged in many ways to give a different look and appeal to suit your space.

Today we’ll take a look 15 horizontal fence ideas below, lets go!.

What is a Horizontal Fence?

A horizontal fence is a type of fence design that uses horizontally placed boards or planks to create a clean and modern look. Unlike traditional fences that use vertical boards, horizontal fences are installed parallel to the ground and run horizontally. This fence design has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique style, simplicity, and versatility.

Horizontal fences are commonly made from wood, although other materials such as vinyl, composite, and metal can also be used. The boards used for this type of fence are typically wider and thicker than those used in traditional fences, ranging from 4 to 8 inches in width and up to 2 inches in thickness.

These boards are then installed with small gaps between them to allow for airflow, which helps to prevent moisture build-up and warping.

One of the main benefits of a horizontal fence is its clean and modern aesthetic. Unlike traditional fences that can look bulky and obstructive, horizontal fences have a sleek and contemporary design that can enhance the appearance of any property. They also offer a sense of privacy and security, while still allowing for plenty of natural light and visibility.

Horizontal fences are also versatile and can be customized to suit a variety of styles and preferences. They can be stained or painted to match the color scheme of the property, and different wood species can be used to achieve different looks.

For example, cedar wood is a popular choice for its natural resistance to rot and decay, while redwood has a beautiful reddish-brown color and a distinctive grain pattern.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, horizontal fences are also durable and long-lasting. When properly installed and maintained, they can last for many years without needing to be replaced.

Wood fences will require periodic staining or sealing to maintain their appearance and protect them from the elements, while vinyl and composite fences require minimal maintenance.

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1. Cedar Slats Fence

This design is a popular choice for a modern, minimalist look. The tightly spaced cedar slats offer privacy while still allowing light and air to pass through, making it a great option for outdoor spaces.

2. Louvered Fence

Louvered fences are a stylish option for privacy and ventilation. The angled slats allow for air circulation while blocking the view from outside, creating a private outdoor space.

3. Metal Panel Fence


This sleek and modern fence design is ideal for contemporary homes. Metal panels can be used horizontally to create a clean, streamlined look, adding an industrial touch to the outdoor space.

4. Wood and Metal Fence


Combining wood and metal can create a unique and stylish fence design. It offers the natural beauty of wood and the durability of metal, making it a great choice for a modern and low-maintenance fence.

5. Shadowbox Fence


This fence design uses alternating panels to create a partially open, partially closed effect. It offers both privacy and air circulation, making it a great option for outdoor spaces that require both.

6. Picket Fence

7. Staggered Fence

This fence design features boards of varying lengths and widths, placed in a staggered pattern. It creates a unique, textured effect, adding interest and dimension to the outdoor space.

8. Slat Fence

Slat fences are made up of thin, horizontal boards that create a modern, minimalist look. They offer privacy while still allowing light and air to pass through, making them a great option for outdoor spaces.

9. Gabion Wall Fence

A gabion wall fence is made up of wire cages filled with rocks or other materials, with horizontal panels used to enclose the structure. It offers a unique, industrial look that is perfect for modern homes.

10. Trellis Fence

A trellis fence features horizontal slats with a lattice design, perfect for climbing plants. It creates a beautiful, natural look, adding visual interest and texture to the outdoor space.

11. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo fences can be built horizontally, creating a natural, tropical look. They are eco-friendly and low-maintenance, making them a great option for outdoor spaces.

12. Board-on-Board Fence

This fence design features overlapping horizontal boards to create a layered, textured effect. It adds depth and interest to the outdoor space, while also offering privacy and security.

13. Herringbone Fence


Horizontal boards are arranged in a herringbone pattern to create a unique and eye-catching fence design. It adds a touch of visual interest and texture to the outdoor space, making it a great option for modern homes.

14. Stone Wall Fence

A stone wall fence can be built with horizontal stones or panels, creating a rustic and natural look. It adds a touch of texture and visual interest to the outdoor space, creating a beautiful, natural look.

15. Concrete Panel Fence

Concrete panels can be arranged horizontally to create a durable, modern fence design. It is a great option for outdoor spaces that require durability and low maintenance.

We hope this post helped provide some inspiration for your backyard and that you now have a some inspiration with our 15 horizontal fence ideas!

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