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How to get bird out of garage

Imagine opening your garage only to find an unexpected visitor – a bird trapped inside, fluttering around helplessly. It’s not uncommon for these feathered creatures to wander into our spaces, leaving us with the question “How do I get this bird out of my garage?” Don’t worry, we will provide you with some insights on why birds end up in garages and share practical tips on humane methods to remove them safely.

We’ll also discuss how to prevent future unwanted visits from our winged friends while maintaining a compassionate approach towards wildlife species, so lets dive in!

Key Takeaways


  • Keep garage doors and windows closed whenever possible to prevent birds from entering in the first place.
  • Use safe and humane methods for removing birds, such as turning off lights, guiding them towards open doors with a broom or net, or offering food outside.
  • Take preventative measures to avoid future bird encounters by using screens on windows and vents, covering reflective surfaces, removing potential nesting areas, and keeping food away.
  • Avoid loud noises or chasing birds when attempting to remove them from your garage. Seek professional help if needed.


Why Birds Get Trapped In Garages

Birds often get trapped in garages because they are attracted to the light or shelter, confused by reflective surfaces, and see opportunities for nesting.

Open Doors And Windows

One common reason birds find their way into garages is due to open doors and windows. As curious creatures, they may venture inside seeking shelter from bad weather, food sources, or simply out of curiosity.

Unfortunately for both the birds and homeowners, once inside a garage, these avian visitors often struggle to find their way back out.

To prevent this situation from occurring in the first place, it’s essential for homeowners to make a habit of keeping garage doors and windows closed whenever possible. Moreover, when you need ventilation or access while working in your garage space during daylight hours when birds are more active, consider using screens on open windows to act as a barrier against feathered intruders.

Attracted To Light And Shelter

Birds are naturally drawn to light and shelter, making garages a desirable location for them to seek refuge. As creatures that thrive during the daytime, many birds will gravitate towards shiny objects like windows or anything reflective inside a garage.

They may also be attracted by any recent renovations made in the area or nests set up by other birds lingering nearby. Birds may view the closed interior of a garage as an excellent escape from predators and harsh weather conditions.

Confused By Reflective Surfaces

Birds can often become confused by reflective surfaces in a garage. Mirrors, windows, and even stainless steel appliances can all create reflections that birds mistake for open spaces to fly through.

This confusion can cause the bird to repeatedly fly into the same surface, becoming more disoriented with each attempt. To prevent this confusion from occurring when attempting to remove a bird from your garage, cover or remove any reflective surfaces in the area where the bird is located.

Additionally, try turning off any bright lights or closing curtains or blinds to minimize glare and reflection.

Nesting Opportunities

Birds are always searching for optimal nesting spots, and your garage might seem like the perfect location. Garages can offer birds shelter from harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, or even hot summer sun.

Moreover, open rafters in garages can provide a safe space for birds to build their nests away from predators. Additionally, if there is food available in your garage or nearby surroundings, it can be an added attraction for birds to stay.

Birds are known to seek out ideal locations for nesting that offer shelter and protection against the elements and potential predators. A garage may appear to be just that with its open rafters providing ample room for building nests away from prying eyes while also offering refuge during harsh weather conditions like wind or rain showers.

In some cases where food sources are readily available within close proximity of the garage area (such as fruits on trees), this could make it even more attractive to birds looking for the perfect spot to call home temporarily.

Safe Methods For Removing A Bird From Your Garage

To ensure the bird’s safety and successful removal, it’s important to use safe methods such as turning off lights and gently guiding them towards an open door with a broom or net – keep reading for more effective techniques!

Turn Off The Lights And Close All Doors

To help a bird find its way out of your garage, it’s important to minimize distractions and create an obvious path towards the exit. Turning off all lights can reduce confusion for the bird, making it easier to locate open doors or windows.

Closing interior doors can also help guide the bird towards the only available exit. This simple method can be especially effective if used with other techniques like providing water outside or using an owl decoy to encourage the bird to fly towards the exit.

Open The Garage Door And Other Exterior Doors

One simple and effective method for getting a bird out of your garage is to open the garage door and any other exterior doors. This creates an obvious exit point for the bird, allowing it to fly out on its own.

However, you should also make sure that all other doors and windows in the room are closed so that the bird cannot accidentally fly into another part of your home or get trapped elsewhere.

Use A Broom Or Long Stick To Guide The Bird Towards The Open Door

Another safe and effective method for removing a bird from your garage is to use a broom or long stick to guide it towards the open door. This technique works well for birds that are perched up high or flying around in circles.

Gently wave the broom or stick back and forth in front of the bird, being careful not to touch it or scare it further. Slowly move towards the open door while keeping some distance from the bird.

Once you reach the door, hold out the broom or stick so that it extends outside and gently push against the bird’s wings to encourage it to fly out into freedom.

Additionally, keep in mind that each species of bird has its own unique behavior and may require different approaches – so be flexible with your methods! If you’re having trouble getting rid of a persistent pest like woodpeckers or swallows nesting in your garage, consider calling an animal control specialist who can safely remove them without harming either them or yourself.

Use A Towel Or Net To Guide The Bird Out

Another effective method to get a bird out of your garage is by using a towel or net. This approach works best for birds that are perched high up in rafters or other hard-to-reach areas.

First, extend the towel or net slowly towards the bird, taking care not to startle it further. Once close enough, carefully place the towel or net over the bird and gently scoop it up while being mindful not to cause harm.

It’s vital to note that any objects used for guiding and catching birds should be soft-textured so as not to hurt them accidentally. Additionally, if you’re unsure about handling a trapped bird safely, don’t hesitate to reach out to animal control specialists who can help with humanely removing it from your garage.

Provide Food Or Water Outside

Offering food or water outside can be an effective method to lure a bird out of your garage. Place the food near the open door or window, making sure it’s visible to the bird.

You can use different types of birdseed, fruit, or even mealworms as bait.

It’s important to note that you should not leave any food inside your garage as it can attract more birds and potentially cause a future infestation. Additionally, avoid leaving water sources such as bowls or buckets around your property if you have issues with wild birds getting trapped in your structures.

Preventing Future Bird Encounters

To prevent future bird encounters in your garage, there are several steps you can take such as keeping the doors shut, using screens on windows and vents, covering reflective surfaces, removing nesting areas, and keeping food away.

Keep The Garage Doors Shut

One of the most effective ways to prevent birds from getting trapped in your garage is to keep the doors shut. This may seem like an obvious solution, but it can be easy to forget and leave them open while working on a project or running errands.

By making a conscious effort to keep the doors closed when not in use, you can significantly reduce the chances of birds flying inside and becoming trapped. Keep in mind that some bird species are attracted to dark spaces for nesting opportunities, so even if you don’t see any birds outside, they may still try to enter your garage if given the chance.

Use Screens On Windows And Vents

It’s important to take steps to prevent birds from entering your garage in the first place. One effective method is to install screens on windows and vents. This not only keeps birds out, but also helps improve air circulation in the garage.

Without proper screening, birds may mistake open windows or vents as an entry point and become trapped inside your garage. Installing screens can save you time, effort, and ensure that no harm comes to any feathered friends.

Cover Or Remove Reflective Surfaces

Birds are often attracted to and confused by reflective surfaces, such as windows or mirrors in a garage. This can cause them to fly into the surface repeatedly, causing injury or exhaustion.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to cover or remove these surfaces when possible. One simple solution is to use decals or stickers on the outside of windows, which will make them more visible to birds and help them avoid collisions.

In addition, it’s important to be mindful of any other shiny objects inside the garage that could lead to confusion for a trapped bird. For example, if there are tools with reflective surfaces hanging on the wall, it’s best to either cover them up or move them out of sight until the bird has been safely removed from the space.

Remove Potential Nesting Areas

One way to prevent birds from getting trapped in your garage is by removing any potential nesting areas. Birds are attracted to places where they can build nests and raise their young, so it’s important to eliminate these opportunities.

Check for any holes or gaps in the walls or ceilings that birds can use as entry points, and seal them up with caulk or wire mesh.

Additionally, make sure to keep your garage clean and organized. Avoid storing piles of boxes or other clutter on the ground that could provide hiding spots for birds. By removing potential nesting areas, you’ll reduce the likelihood of birds becoming trapped in your garage in the first place.

Keep Food And Bird-attracting Objects Away

It’s important to keep your garage free from bird-attracting objects such as pet food, water bowls, and open trash cans. Birds can spot these things from afar and may be tempted to enter your garage in search of a meal or drink.

By keeping food and other items that are attractive to birds away from the garage, you’ll significantly reduce the likelihood of attracting unwanted wildlife into your space.

This is an effective way to prevent future bird encounters without having to resort to harmful measures like traps or repellent sprays.

What NOT To Do When Trying To Get A Bird Out Of Your Garage

It’s important to avoid making loud noises or chasing the bird when trying to remove it from your garage – read on for more tips and tricks!

Avoid Making Loud Noises

It’s crucial to remember that loud noises can frighten birds and make them more difficult to remove from your garage. Sudden movements or shouting can cause the bird to panic, so it’s best to remain calm and quiet when attempting to guide the bird out of the garage.

Additionally, slamming doors or making other loud sounds may distract or startle the bird, making it harder for them to find their way out. Instead, try using gentle gestures or soft-spoken words if you need to encourage movement towards an exit point.

Do Not Chase The Bird

One important thing to remember when trying to get a bird out of your garage is to avoid chasing it. This can cause the bird to panic and become even more difficult to catch.

Instead, try using gentle methods such as guiding it towards an open door with a broom or towel.

It’s also important to keep in mind that some birds may be injured or sick, which can make them even more scared and unpredictable. In these cases, seeking professional help from animal control specialists may be necessary for both your safety and the well-being of the bird.

Do Not Use Harmful Chemicals Or Traps

It can be tempting to resort to harmful chemicals or traps when trying to get a bird out of your garage, but this is not recommended. Not only can these methods harm the bird, but they can also pose a danger to other animals and humans in the area.

Additionally, trapping a bird in a cage does not necessarily guarantee its safe release back into the wild. The stress and trauma of being trapped could cause further harm to the bird’s health and well-being.

Instead, it is best to use humane methods such as providing an obvious exit or guiding the bird towards an open door with gentle prodding from a broom or towel. Seeking professional help from animal control specialists may also be necessary if DIY efforts fail.

Seek Professional Help If Necessary

If all of the DIY methods fail to remove the bird from your garage, it may be time to call in a professional. Animal control specialists can safely and humanely catch and relocate birds without causing harm.

They are also equipped with proper tools and knowledge on how to handle different species of birds that may have entered your garage.

It is important to note that some bird species are protected by law, so attempting to harm or kill them yourself could result in hefty fines or legal consequences. By seeking professional help, you not only ensure a safe and humane removal process but also avoid any legal issues that may arise.


Getting a bird out of your garage doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By understanding why birds get trapped and using safe removal methods, you can coexist peacefully with nature.

Preventing future bird encounters is also crucial for minimizing the chances of infestations. Remember to avoid chasing or harming birds, seek professional help if needed, and keep your garage doors closed when not in use.


1. How do I lure a bird out of my garage?

One strategy is to leave the garage door open during daylight hours, as birds are more likely to fly towards natural light sources. You can also place some food or water outside of the garage to encourage the bird to exit.

2. What if the bird won’t leave on its own?

If the bird seems hesitant or unresponsive to your efforts, you may need to take additional steps such as creating an escape route by opening windows or doors in nearby rooms that lead outdoors, gently guiding it towards these openings with a broomstick or towel, and providing a clear path for it to follow.

3. How do I prevent birds from entering my garage in the future?

To prevent future intrusions from birds and other pests, consider installing screens over any vents or openings leading into your garage. Additionally, make sure your doors and windows close securely and seal up any gaps around them with caulking.

4. Can I harm the bird while trying to dislodge it from my garage?

It’s important to handle birds carefully and avoid causing injury or distress while helping them exit your property safely. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, consider contacting a local wildlife rescue center for assistance.

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